Jason Hilkey is the creator of Product Launch Technology, a website dedicated to helping regular folks—experts, authors, creators and coaches—overcome the technical hurdles of selling products and programs online. He’s also the technical genius behind Happily Family, an online parenting resource.

headshot-jason-square250x250Many years ago, Jason took a personality test and it called him a “translator” or a “bridge builder” because he makes technology accessible to regular people so they can accomplish their goals.

Jason has had a love for computers from childhood. He got a degree in computer science and math. But Jason doesn’t like to just “geek out” by himself—using technology to serve people became Jason’s passion. For the past 20 years he’s worked in computer technology, where his real abilities as a “bridge builder” began…

Jason has been a technology bridge builder between artists, producers, directors, and engineers at Disney Feature Animation and as a consultant in aerospace between scientists and technology for projects that “didn’t exsist”. 

He used online line tools to build, grow, and completely run a therapy business with his wife, Cecilia. He ran the business virtually from their home “office” (a humble, little nook off the side of the kitchen) to enable him to be involved in raising his two young daughters.

He has used technological tools to build a bridge for people with disabilities (like returning military and children with learning disabilities) to pursue their goals and dreams.

Most recently he and Cecilia, co-founded Happily Family, an online parenting resource. Cecilia supplies the content and Jason brings the most current online tools to deliver their products and programs. He builds the technological bridge connecting struggling parents with help that they need, allowing Cecilia to focus on her passion of serving families rather than getting frustrated with technology (happy wife, happy life—right?).

From a humble start in the little nook off the kitchen, Happily Family is now serving thousands of parents spanning three continents.

Jason lives in Los Angeles with his family, two chickens and a hamster. When he’s not standing in front of a computer, he pursues his passions for surfing, rock climbing and CrossFit with his wife—yes, they spend a lot of time together—and often with the kids in tow.

About Product Launch Technology

About ProductLaunchTechnology.com

This is basically the place where Jason shows how to use technology to share your expertise, sell products that help others, and make a difference in the world. When he began using online tools to build a business, he literally started from scratch and taught himself. This is the place for him to share what he’s seen, what he’s done … and the lessons he’s learned.

More importantly this site is about you…how to grow your own business, launch your own products and reach your own dreams.

Jason’s joy is teaching regular people to use technology so that they can live a life they love and serve others.

“Personal computers are just too hard to use, and it’s not your fault.” – Walt Mossberg

Technology Made Simple
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