How to Combine Emails Into a Single Email Marketing System


The Problem

I’ve had customers and colleagues asking me how they can combine their email lists that are scattered around in Outlook, ACT!, Gmail, LinkedIn, etc. and put them into a email marketing system like AWeber. The problem is that although AWeber is one of the best email marketing companies, they requires an invite be sent to all of the emails for them to be added to your email list before you can send an email to them.

This is Good

Because it keeps the deliverability of emails from AWeber very high (ie. emails sent through AWeber are not marked as spam).

This is Bad

Because it means you have to get all of your emails into AWeber, send out an invite to them, hope they subscribe to the email list and then you can send them an email. And you cannot send another invite to them for 30 days. If this is something you want to do, see the Resources below.

What Can You Do?

I’ve been researching options and found that Constant Contact does allow you to type, upload, and import an unlimited number of email addresses with a paid account ( (limited to 100 with a free trial account). You can import email addresses the following ways:

  • Paste email addresses
  • Type in email & other details
  • From a file or spreadsheet — Excel (XLS, XLSX), Notebook (TXT), Other (CSV or TXT)
  • Gmail address book
  • Outlook, CRM or member management
    • Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express
    • ACT! by Sage
    • Intuit QuickBooks 2008 Pro or Premier
    • Salesforce

Once you have your email addresses added to Constant Contact, you can immediately send email.

AND, although I have not tested this, I would expect that once you have successfully emailed your new list with Constant Contact, you could request AWeber to import the list to your AWeber account since you could verify their audit trail of confirmation. Comment below if you try this out. I would like to hear from you.


  • AWeber
    • If you don’t already have an AWeber account, Sign Up Here
  • Constant Contact


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