How to use Google Analytics to Track Downloads


How many times have you wanted to know the number of people that have downloaded that pdf or video or picture on your website? Using Google Analytics Events did not work for me so I have been using pageviews.

How to setup the tracking

Let’s assume you have Google Analytics setup for your website and you are using WordPress for your site.

  1. Install and activate the Google Analytics for WordPress plugin
  2. In the Settings for the plugin check Show advanced settings
  3. Still in Settings, scroll down to the Advanced Settings and check Track downloads as pageviews (BEWARE: this will affect your pageview statistics)
  4. Check that all the extensions of files to be downloaded are listed in Extensions of files to track as downloads


Click the button Update Google Analytics Settings – BE SURE to click the correct button – the one at the bottom of only the Advance Settings sections – DO NOT SCROLL too fast!

How to view the statistics

  1. Login to Google Analytics and select your website
  2. Select Behavior in the left column
  3. Select Site Content
  4. Select All Pages


Scroll down or use the search to view statistics for your downloads.

Sit back and watch the number climb!


Let me know what you think